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*Please note that DMG's fees are due before the commencement of our services


$350 to clear publishing | $350 to clear master*

Fees include:

  • Consultation

  • Research of all applicable titles

  • Formal submission of requests

  • Negotiation of fees and terms

  • Timely and regular follow-up to obtain quotes

  • Upon receipt of terms and fees, dmg, inc. will forward all applicable information to client for their review and approval

*Publishing and Master Recording clearances are separate clearances


$350 to wrap up publishing, $350 to wrap up master

*payment is due before commencement of our stage 2 process

Fees include:

  • Generate deal memos / confirmation letters

  • Generate label copy

  • Request formal license agreements

  • Traffic all agreements and payments

  • Delivery of closed file(s) to client.

*Publishing and Master Recording clearances are separate clearances

Other Sample Services

RESEARCH ONLY - $150 per song


This will include likeness and master consent i.e. YouTube, Film or TV Clips for Sampling


RUSH SERVICES FOR STAGE 1 - $750 for publishing, $750 for master


CLEARING A SAMPLE AFTER RELEASE - $550 for publishing, $550 for master

If you have already released your song prior to clearing the sample DMG charges an increased service fee:

SAMPLE CLAIMS STAGE - $1,500 per song

If you have released a song with a sample and have received a claim for the infringed copyright our fees are as follows

*Publishing and Master Recording clearances are separate clearances

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